Election Integrity - Past, Present & Future

This event is to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the First National Symposium on Security and Reliability of Computers in the Electoral Process, held in Boston, Massachusetts in 1986. This event was co-chaired by Eva Waskell and Kurt Hyde.

The date that this event will take place:

Location: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Stata Center, Kirsh Auditorium, Room 32-123, 32 Vassar St., Building 32, Cambridge, MA
Sponsor: Caltech/MIT Voting Technology Project
Date: Saturday, October 1, 2011
Admission: Free. Donations accepted.
Register at: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/2127905623
For questions, contact: eippf2011@lists.csail.mit.edu

Free weekend parking in the MIT lot at 21 Haywood Street, Cambridge


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Attached is the agenda for the event, which includes a link for registration.



Following are various links to election administration in the United States:

Election Administration in the United States by Joseph P. Harris, Ph.D, 1934

Effective Use of Computing Technology in Vote-Tallying by Roy G. Saltman, March 1975, Final Project Report

Accuracy, Integrity and Security in Computerized Vote-Tallying by Roy. G. Saltman, August 1988

Computerized Systems for Voting Seen as Vulnerable to Tampering by David Burnham, special to The New York Times, July 29, 1985

Annals of Democracy: Counting Votes by Ronnie Dugger, The New Yorker, November 7, 1988

Making Very Vote Count: Security and Reliability of Computerized Vote-Counting Systems by Lance J. Hoffman, (the original Markle Foundation report), December 1987