US Election Assistance Commission: 2008 Election Administration & Voting Survey

The ongoing process of improving America’s election systems relies in part on having accurate data about the way
Americans cast their ballots. In 2002, Congress chartered the U.S. Election Assistance Commission to collect
information on the state of American elections and make it widely available to policy makers, advocates, scholars,
journalists and the general public. Since 2004, the Commission has sponsored an Election Day Survey as its primary
tool for fulfilling that mission. We are pleased to present the 2008 Election Day Survey, and we ask for your help in
making it the most complete and accurate survey in its history.

The questions below ask for information about ballots cast; voter registration; overseas and military voting; Election
Day activities; voting technology; and other important issues. Many of these questions are mandated by the Help
America Vote Act and other federal laws, while other questions were included at the request of the research
community or policy makers. The EAC recognizes the burden that asking for this data places on state and local
election officials, and we have worked to minimize that burden as much as possible.

The files (Stata format) are located at the following URL:

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