Voting: What Has Changed, What Hasn't, & What Needs Improvement

R. Michael Alvarez, Caltech; Jonathan N. Katz, Caltech
Charles Stewart III, MIT; Ronald L. Rivest, MIT
Stephen Ansolabehere, Harvard; Thad E. Hall, University of Utah

In this report, we examine how voting technologies and election administration in the United States have changed—or have not changed—since the controversial 2000 presidential election. We present our research and analyses of the past 12 years, as well as the perspectives of a number of individuals prominent in the election administration, voting technology, and election advocacy communities.Based on our research reported here, we provide the following recommendations for how we might improve the administration and technology of elections in the United States.NOTE:  This report is the latest version; the original version from October 2012 is available upon request.

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