Encrypted Receipts for Voter-Verified Elections Using Homomorphic Encryption
Working Paper No.:  41
Date Published:  2008-11-30


Joy Marie Forsythe, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Voters are now demanding the ability to verify that their votes are cast and counted as intended. Most existing cryptographic election protocols do not treat the voter as a computationally-limited entity separate from the voting booth, and therefore do not ensure that the voting booth records the correct vote. David Chaum and Andrew Neff have proposed mixnet schemes that do provide this assurance, but little research has been done that combines voter verification with homomorphic encryption. This thesis proposes adding voter verification to an existing multi-candidate election scheme (Baudron et al.) that uses Paillier encryption. A “cut and choose” protocol provides a probabilistic guarantee of correctness. The scheme is straightforward, and could easily be extended to multi-authority elections. The feasibility of the proposed scheme is demonstrated via a simple implementation.


Encrypted Receipts for Voter-Verified Elections Using Homomorphic Encryption  (Size: 590 KB)